Tree maintenance for Sussex landowners and businesses

Do you need a reliable long-term tree maintenance contractor or a tree surgeon who’s quick to respond when you need them? We offer both options, taking care of trees for housing associations, rural estates and businesses across Sussex.

Our tree management services

Carry out tree health and safety survey recommendations

If you have a tree health and safety report you need to take action on, we can give you a free quote to carry out the report’s recommendations.  As experienced arborists, we don’t just follow the recommendations to make the trees safer, we also take care to maintain the character of the trees. And we have public liability insurance of £10 million.

Complete care and management of your trees

Whether you have a dozen trees or hundreds of them, we can take complete care of all the trees on your property. As tree maintenance contractors, we deal with sourcing new trees, planting, pruning, tree surgery and general tree health. If your trees are protected under tree protection orders (TPO) or you are within a conservation area, we liaise with the local planning authority to do any necessary work.

Tree emergency call-out service

We offer a rapid response tree surgery service to clear, fell or brace wind-battered trees. Our quick response time can prevent falling branches or toppling trees causing any more damage to people or property.

Tree condition surveys

Tree condition reports are useful tools for managing your trees, and can also be used to assess any risk a tree might pose. We assess each of your trees and recommend how it should be managed to keep it healthy and safe.

Thorough tree care


And experienced in tree surgery and arboriculture – tree health, management and law


Always considering the laws and best practice for managing and working with trees (BS3998:2010)


Comprehensive public liability (£10 million) and employers’ liability cover.


Recycling everything we can and using power tools only when we must.


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All our services

Advice on tree care
Crown lifting
Crown reduction

Removing dead wood or damaged branches
Felling trees
Formative pruning
Fruit tree pruning

Mulching trees
Planting trees
Stump grinding
Tree preservation orders
Tree condition surveys