Tree care for homeowners and gardeners in Sussex

Whether you need to plant a new tree, fell a damaged tree, or reinvigorate an old one, we can help. No matter the tree task, we’ll work carefully around the other plants in your garden, and leave everything as tidy as we found it.

Common tree issues we can help with

My tree is getting too big

This is a common issue in small gardens. We can usually reduce the size of the tree’s canopy (crown reduction), but how much we can reduce it by without harming it depends on the type of tree. In some cases it may be better to fell the tree and replace it with a more suitable species.

I want more light in my garden

If a tree is creating too dense a shade, we can remove lower branches to lift the canopy (crown lifting), and remove some carefully chosen higher branches, to make the canopy less dense (crown thinning). This will create an even canopy while allowing more light through.

I need a tree cut down

Using rigging, we can fell trees in tight spots without damaging the surroundings. We work carefully around buildings and overhead wires, and take care not to damage your garden

My tree isn’t looking healthy

There are many common tree ailments that we can quickly identify and remedy, and there are some that might need a longer-term plan to bring them back to full leafy health. We advise on all of them, and can give you a tree condition report if you need one.  

I want to plant a new tree or hedge

What tree or hedge should I plant is a question we love to help answer. It all depends on the soil and location. We’ll give you some suggestions – some common and some more unusual. Once you know what you want, we can source it, plant it and give you full aftercare instructions.

My neighbour’s tree is overhanging my garden

Trees have no regard for boundaries, and there are laws around how you can deal with roots and branches that are in or hang over your property. We can advise on your rights and also liaise with your neighbour to cut back overhanging branches and keep everyone – including the tree – happy.

My fruit tree needs love

Fruit trees usually need sustained love over a few seasons to bring them back to their full bearing potential. We can advise you on pruning, feeding and thinning, creating a two-or-three year plan to get them back to full health. (To avoid spreading disease, we always disinfect our tools in between pruning each tree.)

Help! My tree’s been damaged

We can respond quickly to remove any damaged branches before they cause any damage themselves. When removing any broken branches, we think about the overall balance and stability of the tree too, and may use bracing if necessary to stabilise the tree.

 Thoughtful tree care


We love trees, but we advise according to what works for you and the tree.


We treat your garden with respect, leaving it as we find it – untrampled and tidy.


With every cut, we try to maintain the natural beauty and character of the tree.


We recycle everything we can and use power tools only when we must.


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