About the Arbor Barber

We’re a tree surgery and tree care specialist based in Brighton in Sussex. Here’s a little more about us and how we work.

Qualified & experienced

We’ve been caring for trees in Sussex since 2004. Our lead arborist, Iain Palmer, has 18 years experience in tree surgery, tree care and managing tree maintenance teams.  Iain has his Royal Forestry Society Certificate in Arboriculture, and every other member of our team is qualified to at least NPTC standards.

Fully insured

We have public liability coverage  up to £10 million, and employers’ liability coverage up to £10 million.

Four things that we believe make great tree surgery service

Deep knowledge

Knowing how to cut back or fell a tree is one thing, but understanding when that’s the best option is another. We are qualified in arboriculture and thoughtful in our decisions. We keep up to date with new techniques, and always consider the laws and best practice for managing and working with trees  that are set out in the British Standards BS3998:2010


Just like arranging flowers takes more than sticking them in a vase, cutting back or reshaping a tree is not just a mechanical task. It requires some vision and creativity if you want to create balance and keep the character of the tree.


We arrive when we say we will. If we get held up for any reason at all, we’ll let you know as soon as possible.


We take care throughout any job. We take everything we cut down away with us (if you want us to, of course) and leave the area as tidy as when we arrived.

A few other things we think are important…


We use or recycle all of the wood we remove from our work sites. We take it to local composting sites such as Brighton Community Composting or OLUS ­ green recycling centre where the wood chips are turned into mulch or compost. Logs and any useful kindling, we set aside and season for firewood.

The environment

We use biodegradable oil made from recycled vegetable oil in our chainsaws rather than using synthetic products. And we use hand saws for pruning wherever possible, to reduce emissions even further. This also results in a much quieter working environment and gives a finer, more delicate finish to the cuts on the tree.


Get in touch to organise for us to come and see your tree(s) and give you a free quote.

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