It takes a matter of hours to fell, process and dispose of a mature tree that has taken decades sometimes centuries to grow  and  we have become very good at it, but with great power comes great responsibility.

Trees that grow around people generally have to  fight for their right to exist. Their proximity to boundaries, buildings and roads mean that they need to be kept appropriate for their location and this should be done with careful consideration of necessity and motivation. Arborists get asked to take down trees for  a variety of reasons and there are circumstances when it is necessary but they should recognise the responsibility their profession carries and make educated judgements on the correct course of action. They are more than purely people who can facilitate removing a tree and it shouldn’t be an unusual occurrence that an Arborist advises against the  removal of a tree in favour of other options. “If I don’t do it someone else will” is something I’ve heard so many times in the 17 years I have worked as an arborist but it is not an opinion I subscribe to, sometimes the pressures of running a business supersede moral  values.

When hiring an Arborist choose carefully as being “qualified” can range from being qualified in using a chainsaw to having extensive knowledge in tree biology, biomechanics and law. Use them as a source of knowledge and listen to their advice as a good Arborist will take a holistic view of the situation considering the customer’s needs as well as the wider aspect of what is best practice for the tree and associated law.