We carry out a free consultation to establish the best course of action for your trees, followed up by a no obligation written quotation for any recommended work. We can also advise on the best types of trees to plant for the location as well as sourcing and planting them for you.

tree preservation orders and conservation areas

We are happy to make an application on your behalf for work on trees which are covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or are located within a Conservation Area, and will do it at no extra charge on acceptance of the tree work quotation.

crown reduction beforecrown reduction after

crown reduction

Pruning the crown of the tree resulting in an overall reduction in its size. This may be appropriate if your tree is too large for the space it inhabits in order to create more space for other plants around it and bring more light to the area. Trees that are unstable due to disease or infection may benefit from crown reduction in order to reduce weight in the crown.

crown thinning

The strategic removal of branches within the crown including crossing and rubbing branches, dead or dying wood. This technique preserves the shape and character of the tree, leaving only healthy and well spaced branches allowing light and increased oxygen flow through the canopy.

crown lifting

Lifting the crown of the tree involves pruning the lower branches to allow more space and light under the tree.

tree fell beforetree fell after


The dismantling of a tree in a controlled and safe manner either by a series of cuts at the base or through dismantling in sections, for example trees in confined spaces or those overhanging objects which could be damaged.

dead wood removal

The removal of dead, dying and diseased wood from within the crown leaving only safe and healthy branches.

fruit tree pruning

Appropriate pruning can help to improve the health and productivity of fruit trees.

example of tree bracing


The supporting of weak branches that have a risk of structural failure by installing a non-invasive bracing system.


Supply and planting of young trees suitable for specific areas along with advice on future care and maintenance.


The removal of tree stumps either by grubbing out by hand or removal of larger stumps with a stump grinder.

hedge trim beforehedge trim after

hedge trimming

Trimming of hedges to produce clean lines and shapes, ensuring all parts of the hedge including hard to reach areas are carefully maintained.

garden services

We also work in conjunction with a local gardening service, Nick's Nice Gardens that we are pleased to be associated with and can highly recommend to provide a quality and knowledgable service.