We will leave the area clean and tidy and remove all waste. We are committed
to reducing our impact on the environment by employing a number of strategies.

  • Using biodegradable oil in our chainsaws made from vegetable oil rather than synthetic products
  • working in our local area therefore keeping the distance we travel to a minimum
  • lovely log pile
  • Recycling all of the wood we remove from our work sites. This is either at local composting sites such as Brighton Community Composting or OLUS ­ green recycling centre where the wood chip we produce is either turned into mulch or compost.
  • Logs and anything useful enough to burn are set aside to season for firewood.
  • Using hand saws for pruning wherever possible, this reduces emissions from petrol driven saws, results in a much quieter working environment and also gives a finer, more delicate finish to the cuts on the tree.
  • We are also currently investigating running our vehicles on used vegetable oil and using alkylate petrol in our saws as it contains virtually no sulphur, benzene or aromatics which would greatly reduce our poisonous gas emissions and be of great benefit to the health of our team.